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History of CFM

Great things don't just happen by accident. Christian Fellowship Ministries has nearly 2000 churches around the world with one new church being planted every three days on average. Those numbers are only a small representation of the untold multitudes whose lives, families, bodies, marriages and finances have been changed and healed as a result of faithful men and women following the call of Christ to "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel". This is the story of how it started:

Over forty years ago in a dusty little cowboy town of 12,000 people, a movement was born that has carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of souls in dozens of nations all around the Globe. In 1970, a fiery yet compassionate preacher named Pastor Wayman Mitchell responded to an opportunity to pastor a fledgling congregation of 25 tired souls. He dared them to believe God for greater things. Catching a wave of the Jesus People revival, the church began to see multitudes of young hippies getting radically saved and their lives being transformed from drug-induced hypnosis to Spirit-filled passion. While there were many churches feeling the fire of revival in those days, what set Prescott, AZ apart from the rest was an unwavering commitment by Pastor Mitchell to reach those who were still lost. While many of the saved hippies fizzled in their faith over time, Mitchell's disciples exploded in spiritual growth, excelled in ministry, and caught a vision for world evangelism.

Today, those same converted hippies are the very leaders of our organization (commonly known as 'The Fellowship'). Men like Harold Warner of Tucson, AZ; Rich Cox of Redlands, CA; Mark Aulson of Tempe, AZ; Kevin Foley of McMinnville, OR; and our sponsoring pastor, Joe Campbell of Chandler, AZ have each built thriving congregations that are impacting cities and nations around the world by training disciples and sending them out to preach the Gospel.

The Potter's House Comes to Virginia Beach

The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church of Virginia Beach, VA was started in the mid-1980's. Pastor Joe Campbell and the Chandler congregation invested in a pioneer pastor named Karl Milliman who came here by faith with his wife and planted the church. Over the years, other pastors have labored, prayed, planted, sown and laid the foundation for what we are experiencing today. God has been very gracious to us by building a powerful group of people that are faithful to the calling that's been set before us. Would you join us?

We recently had the incredible opportunity to expand into our new facility on Lynnhaven Pkwy. You can see the report from our opening weekend here.

Pastor Adam Dragoon


Pastor Adam, his wife Taya, and daughter Jaylee arrived in Virginia Beach to take over the pastorate in July, 2010. They were discipled and sent from the Chandler Church pastored by Joe Campbell in 2005. They have previously served as missionaries in the Eastern European nation of Bulgaria for five years. They have been faithful to be shepherds of God's precious flock of believers here. They recently rejoiced at the arrival of their beautiful new daughter, Adalyn in October, 2012. You may contact Pastor Adam at any time for prayer, counseling, advice, guidance, or if you just need to vent some steam.

Contact: Call/Text- 757.354.3441  |  Email- pastor@vbph.org  |  Twitter- @adamdragoon