Back & Forth: Week of October 30th - November 5th




Anytime Evangelist Richard Brooks comes to preach, it's a WILD time. We started off with an evangelism seminar, which he taught. In the seminar he effectively has us boil our testimonies down to something that can be communicated in thirty seconds. Here is the format and sample that he uses, which you can use as well:

After we did this, we went around the room and practiced reciting our testimonies. Although they were short, it was amazing to hear just what Jesus had done in different people's lives. Almost no two stories were the same, except for the common thread that Jesus had caused a 180-degree shift in each life. The evangelist challenged us to go through the contacts in our phones and call someone who had never heard our testimonies. For the next hour-and-a-half we did so and I had the privilege of sharing my testimony with my older sister and my nephew. Then I had the honor of praying a sinner's prayer with my nephew! Afterwards we went on outreach to our local Walmart where we continued to share our condensed versions of our stories with unsuspecting shoppers. Overall, 19 people prayed the sinner's prayer.

That night we had somewhat of an impromptu service we called, "A Night to Invite." We had one first-time visitor and three return visitors!

Sunday - Monday

The revival continued and the Evangelist delivered! Inspiration, challenge, humor and, of course, miracles of healing and fillings with the Holy Spirit galore! We've had more first time visitors in the last few services than we have in the last six weeks! Praise God! Monday night, which was Halloween, we saw even more visitors who had apparently foregone trick-or-treating in favor of a revival service. Believe me, they weren't disappointed.

Speaking of Halloween, if you still find yourself going door-to-door saying "trick or treat" you may want to take a listen to this episode of TheBLAST Podcast from a year ago regarding the origins and meanings behind the "holiday"...



Tuesday - Wednesday

Please! Please! Please! I implore you to come to these services. God has been moving so powerfully that His Presence has been tangible. There is really nothing more to say; just show up and see what God will do!

We really hope to see you soon. God bless you and your family.

David SmaleComment