Back & Forth: Week of September 11th

Welcome back! We are so grateful that you have taken the time to be with us.

Looking Back


Pastor Dragoon undertook the task of preparing the congregation for our revival with Evangelist Olly Ilarraza from Killeen, TX. To do so he preached a message simply called, "All Night in Prayer."

How could a message on being in prayer all night have to do with revival? Simply put, every great revival in history has been the direct result of prayer meetings - many times small prayer meetings. As a church we began to put out requests for prayer. We have done all-night prayer meetings two other times and have always had numerous responses to prayer requests. This time was overwhelming; we received nineteen pages worth of requests.


Beginning at 10pm fifteen adults and six children gathered together to call upon God. We continued all night until about 5am. During the meeting we only paused a handful of times. Once to have a short bible study, once to sing a worship song and for call-in prayer requests/testimonies from missionaries. We had four: Gary Monnens (Guangzhou, China), Frederick Malaluan (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), Anurag Kalpoe (Antwerp, Belgium), and Rocky Colona (Yangon, Myanmar).

In the past we have had amazing testimonies of answered prayers following these meetings. We so look forward to the tremendous and sometimes unexpected ways God will be answering our prayers!

Adam McFeaters leads a bible study during the all-night prayer meeting.

Adam McFeaters leads a bible study during the all-night prayer meeting.

Sunday (September 11th):

We had heard nothing but good things about Evangelist Olly. On Sunday morning it turned out the rumors were true! Olly ministered effectively on the suffering of Jesus as we simultaneously remembered the tragedies of September 11th, 2001. Two souls were saved in our Sunday morning service.

On Sunday night the encouraged saints packed-out our prayer room! Afterwards we enjoyed another power-packed sermon from the evangelist, along with several timely words given to people afterward. 

Photo taken at the end of prayer meeting after a few people had already left the room!

Photo taken at the end of prayer meeting after a few people had already left the room!


We had our first report of answered prayer from Pastor Anurag Kalpoe in Antwerp, Belgium. Here is what he said:

"Thanks a lot for praying for us. In total we had 3 people saved on Sunday. 1 during the morning service, 1 between the services in the afternoon (we had an outreach during a local event) and 1 in the evening service. It has been one [of] the best Sundays so far here in Antwerp! Thanks!"

Praise God for what He is doing!

Looking Forward

For the remainder of the week (through Wednesday) we will be continuing with our revival services with Evangelist Ilarrazza. Please join us - you won't regret it!

Revival Flyer

Revival Flyer


God, we so thank you for your abundant grace and mercy. Demonstrate Your power through miracles, signs and wonders; answering our prayers and astounding even the most skeptical among us. Meet with us by Your Spirit and continue to move in our lives this week. We give You glory in Jesus name. Amen.

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