Back & Forth: Week of September 18th

We are so glad you have joined us for the Back & Forth blog. What an amazing week we had!

Looking Back

Monday - Wednesday

As we mentioned in our last post, we were in the midst of revival with Evangelist Olly Illarraza. We had a powerful time as he ministered on a variety of subjects, prayed for the sick and most of all gave prophetic words to virtually everyone in attendance. It turned out that what we had heard during the August Bible Conference in Chandler, AZ was true - if you don't have Olly, you don't really want revival.


We took a group of men to the streets of our city. We held up signs, passed out flyers to unsuspecting drivers at red lights, and preached the gospel. It's always a great time street preaching. If you have never tried it, prepare for an adrenaline rush like never before!


Asher & Jaylee perform "You Alone are God" at Saturday Night Alive.

With completely in-house, homegrown talent, our Saturday Night Alive concert scene was fantastic. The live music, dramas and testimonies carried the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We had three visitors and an excellent time. We were even treated to a song by some of the kids from our Next Generation Ministry.


Pastor Dragoon was out of town preaching in Charleston, SC for Pastor Sean Duckett. That being the case the Sunday morning and evening services were left in the hands of the disciples, who stepped up to the plate. Led by Door Director Adam McFeaters, the disciples handled both services and the Sunday School with care. Adam preached in the morning service and In the evening we were treated to a Pastor Richard Ruby sermon from the August Chandler Conference entitled "Pearls." 

We also wanted to take this time to remind you, in case you didn't already know, that all of our sermons are available as podcasts. The link to subscribe and download them can be found here, or by clicking on the content link below.

Looking Forward


We will be starting a new message series in our Mid-week ReCHARGE Services entitled, "Pray. Think. Vote.". Pastor Dragoon will be examining the most important issues that are facing this nation and the biblical worldview from which Christians need to be making their decisions this coming November.


We have a WEDDING coming up! This Saturday, September 24th, we welcome you to join Paul Wilcox and Adele Curiel as they are joined in holy matrimony. You may be thinking, "aren't weddings by invitation only?" The answer is yes, and if you are reading this, consider yourself invited!


We are also looking forward once again this coming weekend to World Evangelism Sunday! Make sure to find yourself in the house of God to be inspired to reach the nations with the Gospel.

We just want to thank you once again for being with us. We encourage you to join us this coming Sunday for our services at 11:00am and 6:30pm, and our Wednesday "Recharge" service at 7:30pm. We give God all the praise and glory for what He is doing in our city and our church.

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