Back & Forth: Week of September 25th

Hello and thank you for joining us on the Back & Forth Blog. We cannot express our gratitude enough to you for the investment of your most precious commodity: your time. We try to make it as worthwhile as possible.

It was another action-packed week. God is on His throne and on the move simultaneously, as only He can do!

Looking Back


In light of the upcoming election, we began a new sermon series in our Wednesday night "Recharge" services. Entitled "Pray, Think, Vote" Pastor Adam used in the first installment to focus on the need for Christians to engage in the political arena. Most Christians shy away from politics. However, one of, if not the most convincing statistic to consider is the fact that over 25 million voter-registered Christians did not vote in the last presidential election. When you consider that the election was decided by about 7 million votes it becomes obvious that the Christians' lack of involvement in political matters is much to blame for our current state of affairs. Please join us for future messages as the election approaches.


Our Door Director, Adam McFeaters held our first Teens United ministry meeting. Six teenagers came as brother Adam challenged them to rise up and be what God has called them to be - world changers. It turned out that the teens had a plethora of ideas for ways in which they could serve in the church and ways they could reach their schools with the Gospel. Thank God! Going forward these meetings will be held monthly.


First, we held our weekly Saturday morning outreach in which two souls were saved! That night we hosted our first wedding of the year as Paul Wilcox and Adele Curiel were united in holy matrimony! It was a truly great time as family and friends came from out of state and were not only treated to one of the couple's happiest moments, but also testimonies and a Gospel message. 


The last Sunday of every month we highlight missionaries and God's vision for the nations of the earth. We call it World Evangelism Sunday. We were blessed to have several of the family members from the wedding come back to our Sunday morning service, along with two first-time visitors, one of whom prayed a prayer of salvation. The altars were filled Sunday night as Pastor Adam ministered on division and unity within the church; an absolutely powerful time!

Looking Forward


Won't you join us for our mid-week "Recharge" service? As mentioned earlier, the topic will be Christians' role in political matters. As the first debate between the two major candidates has already taken place, you may already have your mind made up. Whether you do or not, the question is, will you act? Will you pray? Will you think? Will you vote? Our nation is counting on us. 

Coming in October:

We will be sponsoring a revival with Evangelist Dennis Wright on October 13-15 at the Potter's House Great Neck location (Pastor Bryan McRae). Dennis is a prolific preacher with a dynamic healing ministry. He has never been to Virginia Beach before, so we encourage you to come out.

We will also be doing our first ever "Trunk or Treat" on October 29th. More details to follow on that as the time draws closer.

Last, but certainly not least - 

Father, thank You so much for what You're doing in our city, state and nation. We pray that You would continue to use us for Your glory. We ask that, not our will, but Your will be done. We worship and praise You always. In Jesus name we pray, amen. 

David SmaleComment