Back & Forth: Week of September 4th

Welcome once again to the Back & Forth Blog. This week we saw God move in marvelous ways.

Looking Back


Tropical Storm Hermine's projected path, directly over Virginia Beach on Saturday Sep. 3rd.

Tropical Storm Hermine's projected path, directly over Virginia Beach on Saturday Sep. 3rd.

As many know there was a powerful Tropical Storm, Hermine, that left a trail of floods, damaged homes and power outages in its wake this past weekend. Although Hermine was not forecast to be in our area until Saturday afternoon, it apparently didn't get the memo and began to show up on our doorsteps Friday night. 

Unfortunately we had no choice but to cancel our Friday late-night "Preach at the Beach" outreach. Not so much because we couldn't take the wind and rain, but because the beach seems to empty itself of all beach goers at the first sign of drizzle.

However, not to be deterred, we gathered on Saturday morning for our regularly scheduled neighborhood outreach. At this point the storm was directly above us. We decided to go to the one public place we were certain people would still be in a tropical storm: Walmart. And, wouldn't you know it, we were right! Our local Walmart was packed-out with people trying to buy "last-minute" supplies for the storm that was already on top of them. After we marveled at what a parallel of life without Christ that was, we seized the tremendous opportunity to share the love of Jesus with unsuspecting shoppers. We had the amazing privilege of planting many a Gospel seed with dozens of people in just over an hour.

Joseph Fiennes as Roman Tribune Clavius inspecting the empty tomb of Christ in the movie "Risen."

Joseph Fiennes as Roman Tribune Clavius inspecting the empty tomb of Christ in the movie "Risen."

That night we went ahead with our Saturday Night Alive movie night screening of Risena fictitious story of the Roman officer charged with overseeing the crucifixion and burial of Jesus, only to be faced with the problem of the empty tomb and a risen Christ. We had forty-five people in attendance despite the storm and we were treated to a refreshingly accurate presentation of the Gospel. We would highly recommend this film, just be forewarned, it is rated PG-13 due to some violent scenes (battles, crucifixion, etc.)


The next morning we again saw a packed house in our Sunday worship service. Pastor Adam ministered on the importance of children and families in a sermon titled, "The Lord's Arrows." 

At the conclusion of the service one soul was saved! Additionally we gave out ALL TWENTY of our Back-to-School-Blessing knapsacks. In our Sunday evening service we showed Pastor Richard Ruby's historic sermon called "Marriage Boot Camp" from the recent Chandler Bible Conference.

In both services the Spirit of God was tangible. Praise God for the marvelous work he is doing here!


Monday was Labor Day, so we decided, what better way to celebrate the Communism-inspired holiday than a trip to the beach! We had a great time of fellowship, food, waves and volleyball... and no riots whatsoever. 

Looking Forward


Don't forget our Mid-week "Recharge" Service, each Wednesday night at 7:30pm - the perfect remedy for "Hump Day."


We will be hosting our 3rd All-Night Prayer meeting from 10pm - 6am. We have seen God move in outstanding ways both times we have done this. If you have any prayer requests, please forward them to Or, if you would like to join us, please feel free. The more, the merrier!


In case you weren't aware we have a Sunday School at 10am. Currently we are showing the video series "The Theology of Money" by renown Christian author Randy Alcorn. It has been a very enlightening series thus far. Please join us!

Also, we are excited to welcome Evangelist Olly Ilarrazza from Killeen, Texas. This will be his first trip to Virginia Beach, so we are excited and looking forward to all the reports and testimonies that are sure to be forthcoming. Services begin this coming Sunday, September 11th @ 11AM and continue through Wednesday September 14th. Please join us for these life-changing services.


And last, but surely not least...

Father, we thank You for the incredible work You are doing in this church, this Fellowship, this Nation and the nations of the earth. Continue to use our lives for Your glory, and make us a blessing to others. Move by your Spirit in our lives this week and during this upcoming revival. Build Your Church in Virginia Beach. We ask these things in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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