Back & Forth: Week of July 15

The Potter's House Church had another blessed week, and we are looking forward to another exciting week of God's providence.

Looking Back

Reflecting on the events of the last week, I stand in awe once again at God's wonderful providence over our church. Our Wednesday night service featured the powerful preaching of Pastor Joseph Campbell who leads our mother church in Chandler, AZ. His message to the Prescott Summer Conference focused on one main soul-shaking question: "Is the life you are living worth the price that Jesus prayed?" This question caused us to examine our lives and the price we are paying to serve the Lord. If you were unable to attend this service, we highly recommend that you go back and let this message challenge your soul. Take a look now (Message begins at 01:17:10):

We aimed our weekly outreach efforts at inviting our community to a new movie that we presented on Saturday night. I am so thankful for the wonderfully faithful families and individuals that help us with evangelism week in and week out. Your eternal reward is great! Between handing out flyers and online advertising, we invited close to 2,000 to our movie presentation. In Ecclesiastes 11:6, we are reminded:

In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not withhold your hand; For you do not know which will prosper, Either this or that, Or whether both alike [will be] good.
— Ecclesiastes 11:6

All who attended Saturday night were greatly moved by the message, "Let There Be Light." We would definitely recommend this movie to anyone that needs a boost of faith.

Our Sunday worship services were especially blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Even though a few of our families were absent as they made summer trips to visit family, we are thankful that both services were well-attended.
The morning message asked a simple question: who is making your decisions? The Dog In You (bodily/fleshly decision-making)? The Diva in You (Emotional decision-making? Or the Disciple (Spiritual decision-making)? I was encouraged to pray for men at the altar. While most women seem to have a heightened spiritual sensitivity, we men need some help. We prayed together for God to make us Spiritual men, not led by the lusts of our flesh, nor by the pull of our emotions. I believe that God will use these truths to continue to shape our character for His Kingdom.
In our evening service, we turned our attention to the oft-ignored Third Commandment:

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.
— Exodus 20:7

Not only is there a warning here to abstain from filthy language, but there is also a caution against profane living. Please listen to this message to gain a full understanding of this principle: 

Looking Forward

In the week ahead, we are looking forward to another helpful message coming from the International Bible Conference. Don't miss Wednesday night's Recharge Service at 7:30 PM.
We are also very excited about the upcoming Summer Lights Tour featuring Jeremy Camp, Matthew West, and others. If you signed up for a ticket and have not yet paid please use this link to complete your purchase. There are still a couple of unused tickets! Please contact me if you'd like one or more. Only $20/person for a great night of worship music.

Want to have the VBPH Calendar on your smartphone or tablet? Follow this link to import our public calendar to your device and be always up-to-date.

What is Pastor Listening To?

I have been blown away (again) Lincoln Brewster's latest album, God of the Impossible. He is perhaps the best guitarist in all of Christian music. He is also an anointed vocalist and lyricist. Great soundtrack to keep you encouraged in the Holy Spirit. Just look at what this man can do with only an electric guitar and a vocal microphone in one take:

Listen to the rest of the album here.

Thanks for joining us on the Back & Forth Blog. See you next time!

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