Conference Begins

Our first full Prescott conference... Wow. Excitement begins describe how we feel entering the classic Gospel tent on the corner of US89 & US89A in Prescott, AZ.

The theme is "Handfuls on Purpose" and the first night was just what we needed. Even the illness that weakened the voice of Pastor Mitchell could not weaken the vision that spouted out of his lips tonight. The question that still rings in my ears is.. Can God still move you to step for Him?

Pastor Wayman Mitchell is over 80 years old now, but is still a reliable mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit. There was certainly a tangible call being made to young and old to be able to step out of the comfort zone and risk it all to reach the world for Christ.

The inspiration for tonight's message came from a military mission from WWII called the Doolittle Raid in which 85 brave American serviceman volunteered to set out on a mission that carried no guarantee of return in response to the tragic Japanese sneak attack of Pearl Harbor. Supported by the account in Acts 13:1-14 of Paul and Barnabas stepping out for the first time from Antioch. They had no guarantee that it would work, what they did have was a heart set ablaze by the Holy Spirit and a church that was praying and fasting every step of the way.

Can we still set out on a mission in which the outcome is unclear? I hope so. That's the essence of this fellowship. Risking it all for the Heavenly mission to reach lost souls with the Gospel.

More to follow this week.

Adam DragoonComment