Will God Move while the Church Stands Still?

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Yes, even from my position behind the pulpit, I could see the long blank stares that meandered across the sanctuary as the announcement was given. I tried my best to exude enthusiasm…

"Revival Services will be June 9–12 with Evangelist Richard Graham from Killeen, TX!!!"

Somewhere I heard that people need to hear an announcement three times before they actually listen to it. On this first announcement of our upcoming revival there was almost a discernible groan at the thought of having five services in four days. I could already hear the concerns (such a nice word for complaints) that people might be having in the backs of their minds: “I won’t have the freedom to relax that weekend” “Didn’t we just have a revival?” “Oh no, I’ll have to take nursery AGAIN!” I even perceived one coming from my own flesh: “Is this really worth all the extra expenses?”

I wonder if we can still recognize that all of these yawning objections come from our carnal lazy nature. They don’t take into consideration the possibility... [Read the rest at Medium.com]

Richard L. Graham Sr., is an evangelist out of Killeen, TX, under the ministry of Pastor James Rosario. Revival in our congregation begins Thursday, June 9 and will run through Sunday June 12. See our events page for more details.

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