Day 1 – The Speak Life Challenge

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According to Genesis 1 (in our new Bible reading plan), when God wanted to create, he didn't use a magic wand and say, "Abra-Cadabra". He didn't bring together any basic materials to form them together into a new shape. No, He literally turned nothing into something by the power of His words alone. He still does this today. What's amazing is that He has created us with a similar ability to speak things into (or out of) existence.

Speak Life Challenge – Day 1: Speak something into existence today. "Son, you're going to get good grades this semester" "Wife, our marriage is going to be stronger this year." "My faith will be solidified this year." "My prayer life will be more intimate" "My bible study will be more serious." "I am going to win 10 people to the Lord this year." "I will make a disciple this year." Alternatively, “I will quit _________ in the strength of the Holy Spirit” “Enemy, I won’t allow you to torment me or lie to me today.”

How could your life be different if you would just speak life? Leave a comment with the creative word you are going to speak to someone today!

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