Episode IV - Unmasking Halloween

Classic Chick Tract

Classic Chick Tract

Welcome to Episode IV!

In this week's episode, Dave and I delve into the topic of All-Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. We take the first segment of the show to discuss the immense growth of the death culture in the western world and includes the rising amounts that people are spending on Halloween every year. Consumers will spend nearly $9 Billion on Halloween this year, making it the second most important "holiday" of the year.

In the break we feature "God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man" by Veggie Tales. Then we hear a report from the field by Pastor Hector Rodriguez out of the church in Woodbridge, VA.

In segment two, we break down the history of the Halloween celebration and the origins of the traditions that most Americans participate in without thinking.

In the second break we feature "Angels and Demons" by Disciple. Then we hear another report from the recent Norfolk Harvester's Homecoming. Pastor Jerry Marin testifies about the last year in his church in Gurney, IL.

In our third and final segment, we turn to the scriptures to find God's perspective on how to live and how to act during the Halloween season. 

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