Episode V - Spiritual Warfare / Being a Spiritual Christian

Welcome to Episode V of TheBLAST Podcast! We can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement in this endeavor. We cherish your valuable time as you listen to these podcast episodes and journey with us, one week at a time.

First Segment

Introducing our topic of the week: Spiritual Warfare & Being a Spiritual Christian. One of the big lies of religion is that you can be a Christian in theory on Sunday and live like an Atheist the rest of the week in practice.

During the break, we hear a report from missionary Pastor Dan Canonge in Belize.

Second Segment

We introduce our guest to the program, Pastor Larry Mitchell who is pastoring in Newport News, VA. We hear some wisdom and insight into the problem of unspiritual Christians and how empty religion can effect churches and our nation as a whole.

Third Segment

We tackle the four reasons why every Christian needs to seek continual refilling with the Holy Spirit to equip us for this Christian life.

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