Episode 028 – Defeating Discouragement

In this episode Pastor Adam interviews possibly the most encouraging man on the planet - Evangelist Richard Brooks! 

Richard's testimony is amazing. From being a California hippy to somehow ending up in an Australian jail, Richard was powerfully saved AND filled with the Holy Spirit in his jail cell after reading the book We Can Take the Land by the founder of Christian Fellowship Ministries, Pastor Wayman Mitchell. Eventually released from jail, Richard became a missionary in Romania, where he and his wife's labors were blessed by the hand of God in a big way; today the church they started has numerous baby churches and even hosts its own bible conference. He has been evangelizing all over the world for more than fifteen years. His journey has had its share of ups and downs, setbacks and victories.  

Evangelist Brooks is filled with wisdom and encouragement. If you are feeling discouraged, or that God can't use your life for his glory, this is the episode for you!

Pastor Adam and Dave wrap the show with a little post-election narrative - as if there hasn't been enough political talk in the past year. What's just a little more?

Also, we mention a recent sermon from Pastor Adam concerning "Hope for the Snowflakes" generation. You can click the link to the sermon here.

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