Episode 013 – You Are What You Eat | TheBLAST Podcast

Welcome to Episode 13 of TheBLAST Podcast!

We're grateful that you take the time to listen and participate in this journey along with us!

In this lucky 13th episode, Dave and Pastor Adam discuss the issue of what we choose to feed our souls with. After sharing our latest metrics, the discussion turns to the importance of feeding our souls. As crucially important as it is what we choose to feed our bodies with, isn't it just as important or more what we choose to put into our souls? The conversation turns to some of the different areas that we feed on:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Books
  • News

Let's be sure to have great wisdom and discernment when it comes to choosing what we put into our lives. After all, what we put into our minds ultimately becomes a part of the body of Christ!

Special music this week: The song that brought Pastor Adam to tears while riding to work on light rail: "Without You" by Shane and Shane. Purchase on iTunes here and enjoy!

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