Episode 014 – Christians and the Constitution [MEGABLAST EDITION] | TheBLAST Podcast

On this MEGABLAST edition of TheBLAST Podcast, we dive in to the world of politics. 

Segment One

In the first segment, we are reminded of the Christian heritage and foundation of our society and our government. Without the first Great Awakening, there would be no American Revolution. Christians need to once again be plugged in to the world of politics so that we can still be the salt and the light for our dying culture and way of life.

During the first break we hear the classic Pillar song, Indivisible:

Segment Two

TheBLAST Podcast launches into uncharted territory by discussing the political parties, their platforms, their policies and even the presidential candidates still remaining in the race for the Whit House. DISCLAIMER: We are not speaking on behalf of any party except our own. The Potter's House Church does not endorse any candidate or party, nor do any of its affiliated leaders or pastors.

Listen carefully to see why Dave and Pastor Dragoon have officially endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for President of the United States of America!

During the second break we hear the great tune by Matthew West, Life Inside You:



Segment Three

We thank you all of you who have made it this far, giving us your precious time to hear us discuss the issues. In this last segment, the topic turns toward what little hope might be left for our democratic republic: The Convention of States. We are calling everyone who has any hope for this nation to get involved by heading over to conventionofstates.org and signing the petition to call on your state legislature to get involved with an Article V Convention process. This could be our last greatest hope to see our nation reformed. We would also highly recommend Mark Levin's book on the topic: The Liberty Amendments.

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