Episode 018 – Men Making Amends (MMA)

Hey BLASTers! Dave here with this week's episode recap.

Screengrab courtesy menmakingamends.com

In the first segment we had the privilege of interviewing Lincoln Sheppard of Fullerton, CA who, along with his pastor, Richard Salanoa, has created a new ministry called Men Making Amends along with its corresponding website, menmakingamends.com.

The idea behind Men Making Amends, or MMA, is very simple yet profound - real change is spiritual. There are four major categories of life in which Christian men of this generation are failing: Discipleship, Family, Finances and Leadership. Lincoln and Pastor Salanoa recognized this in the men they were seeing come into the Kingdom of God. They both saw the need for a comprehensive ministry specifically targeted toward men covering the four areas just mentioned. The result was, you guessed it, MMA. As they say on their website:

Men Making Amends is a men’s group designed for men of all background to make it right with their Creator by taking the first step, a total surrender of the heart. The second step will decide what happens next. It's the second step that men wrestle with most. Men Making Amends provides spiritual fighting skills to enter the spiritual octagon to fight for real victories.

Starting on the campus of Cal State Fullerton the MMA ministry began meetings during which men were able to speak candidly about the issues they were facing and receive encouragement from their brethren.

Lincoln gave an impassioned testimony of how it all began and the exciting developments that have taken place since. The MMA concept has spread to many other CFM churches in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, then to Arizona and eventually Texas. The MMA website not only gives men links to great resources such as Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and Dr. James Dobson's Family Legacy, but also shows where future meetings in those areas will be held. We'd love to see this idea catch fire!

During the break we hear a fantastic song from one of the best Christian Rock bands of all time (in my humble opinion) Jonah33, "Father's Song".

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That's all for now, BLASTers. Until next time, Godspeed! 


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