Episode 016 – Kingdom Resources

Episode 16 is ready for you to hear! Our topic this time around is Kingdom Resources.

First Segment

We kick off this sweet sixteenth episode by looking at the problem of dry-well syndrome. How do we keep ourselves from losing our spiritual inspiration? We look at 2Timothy 4:9-14 where Paul asks his disciple to bring him what must be the things he longed for the most in his prison cell: his disciple Mark, his cloak and his books, "especially the parchments". Paul longed to have the resources to nourish his languishing soul. Ever found yourself right there? I know we have. 

Pastor Dragoon urges us to consider the great advantages that the Christian community has with over 2000 years of scholarly study under our belt, not to mention over 5000 years of Jewish scholarship to learn from. Truly, we stand on the shoulders of giants. We have much knowledge and experience to gain from their collective study of God's Word.

In the first break, we hear one of our favorite songs ever: Creed by Rich Mullins, performed live by Third Day:

Second Segment

We are so delighted to welcome Pastor Kevin Foley from McMinnville, OR to TheBLAST! Pastor Foley gives us some much needed wisdom and guidance in securing great resources for the different stages of our Christian experience. Make sure to check below for a master list of all the resources mentioned in this extensive episode.

Pastor Foley responds to those that might have the idea that they don't need revelation from extra-biblical resources, that the "me and my bible" Christian is robbing himself of much blessing.

Our second break allows us to hear a catchy tune by Brandon Heath called, It's No Good to be Alone:

Segment Three

Pastor Dragoon and Dave share some of their favorite resources that they were unable to get to during the interview with Pastor Foley. Here is the big list of awesome resources mentioned in this podcast.

Books Mentioned

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