Episode 020 - Election 2016: Reexamining the Current Choices

Segment One

Hello BLASTers! Sorry for the span between episodes. We've been ultra-busy! Between Pastor Adam going to the Philippines to preach for Pastor Mel Biangco and a multi-church revival with Pastor Campbell as soon as he returned it's been quite a chore finding time to sit down behind TheBLAST microphones. 

In this episode we re-examine an issue that we had discussed back in Episode 14 regarding the upcoming presidential election. If you heard that episode you know that both Pastor Adam and Dave gave an endorsement to Senator Ted Cruz. In light of current events, namely Cruz dropping out of the race (as well as Gov. Kasich who also dropped out), we are essentially left with two choices: the two candidates pictured above). We felt that we owed it to you our audience to discuss what direction we go from here, being that we had given that endorsement. Do we simply now vote for Donald Trump? Do we vote for the other party as a protest vote? Do we go with a third party candidate? Do we still vote for the candidate we endorsed? Listen and find out.

What do you plan to do? Who are you voting for, and why? Let us know in the comments, send us an email or voicemail, or join us on TheBLAST forum on Slack.

We are treated to some Royal Tailor in the break...

Segment Two

In the second segment we discuss new show ideas that we've received, mostly from our listeners. You have given us some very good ideas and we can't wait to do episodes on each of them. A few of the ideas include dating vs. courting, whether churches should have social media accounts (and if so, which ones?), Judaism and Christianity, and our personal favorite - outreach suggestions for the non-musically talented! We love it!

That's all for now. Thank you very much for your continued support.

And we promise to do episodes more frequently and consistently. Until next time, God bless you and thank you for listening!

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