Episode 022 – Discipleship Qualities to Look For in Men

Episode 022 – Discipleship Qualities to Seek in Men

Greetings once again, BLASTers! This week's episode was recorded during a car ride to a Men's Discipleship meeting in Jacksonville, NC. So, what topic was on our minds? Discipleship, of course! 

Years ago Pastor Wayman Mitchell distributed an article in a "pastor's pack" at a Prescott Bible Conference. The article was based on a talk he gave at a men's breakfast and it focused on seven qualities that we should be seeking in our men.

The first three qualities, which we expound upon are as follows:


The ability to continue on with a project, vision, or ministry.


The ability to support and encourage a wife, maintain a marriage and have control over children. The ability to make and keep friends, resolve conflicts and remain flexible


A person who possesses skills in follow-up, group ministry such as bible studies and bands and who communicates clearly. This person also has momentum in personal spiritual growth.

We take a quick break and hear a little Newsboys...

When we return from the break (which, in full disclosure, was a bathroom break for the rest of the men in the car), we discuss the other four qualities. We expound on each of these, they are as follows:


Someone who is capable of managing the finances of a marriage and meets their financial obligations in a timely and adequate manner


The self-motivated can initiate and follow through on projects. They do not need a full game plan or hands-on guidance to finish the task.


The disciplines of a spiritual life include prayer, bible study, evangelism and worship. There is also discipline in details, timeliness and availability form ministry that must be cultivated.


Leaders and disciples must be receptive to discipline, correction and instruction from headship. This must be maintained when others are promoted, in times of laboring in obscurity and among one’s peers.

What about you? How do you measure up against this list?

We mentioned a couple episodes ago that we will be doing an episode regarding outreach ideas for the non-musically talented. We have now had several people express interest in us doing such an episode, so we will most likely do it next. However, we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas, things that have or haven't worked, etc. 

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Until next time, Godspeed!