Episode 023 – Serving God & Country

In this episode we are extremely blessed and privileged to welcome Evangelist Richard Graham to discuss the important topic of serving God and Country. As a 21-year Army Sergeant, Evangelist Graham has some very helpful insights to offer to churches, pastors and disciples for working with military converts.

We must apologize for mentioning in the podcast that it is episode 22 when it is actually episode 23. We must also apologize for the conversation being cut off at the end.. Somehow we had an equipment failure that did not record the last three minutes of the show. But don't worry, you heard all of the best parts of our conversation.

Segment One

We discuss the various reasons why it seems that our churches and our fellowship thrives in military areas. We contemplate the biblical role of the military and whether or not to encourage/discourage people to enlist.


During the break we hear a classic rap-rock anthem from Pillar, Echelon:

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Click to purchase on Amazon.com

We also debut a new segment, BLASTBook Excerpts. Our hope is to inspire you to do your own study of foundational books that everyone in our fellowship should be familiar with. Purchase the book by clicking on the image of the cover:

Segment Two

In the second half of our 23rd episode, Pastor Dragoon and Evangelist Graham discuss some of the very real challenges that churches face as military members get saved and begin to assimilate into the body of Christ. Speaking from experience, Ev. Graham enlightens TheBLAST audience by talking about the realities of returning home from the battlefield and facing PTSD.


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