Episode 025 - No Talent Needed & Conference Reflections


First and foremost we do apologize for the lapse between episodes. Think of it as our summer vacation. Actually we've been extremely busy. We know that's no excuse and we are sorry to have kept you waiting. We'll do our best to be more consistent.

We start by continuing on an idea from the last episode on the subject of talent. Or, more accurately, lack of talent. We came across a photo online which served as the launchpad for discussion in this segment. It lists 10 things which you don't need talent for. They are:

1. Being on time, 2. Work ethic, 3. Effort, 4. Body language, 5. Energy, 6. Attitude, 7. Passion, 8. Being coachable, 9. Doing extra, 10. Being prepared

Music during the break is We Won't Be Shaken by Building 429:

The theme of this year's conference was "Leadership is a Revelation from God," and the sermons were nothing short of amazing. While time fails us to discuss every single one, we do speak to the sermons by Pastors Joe Campbell, Richard Rubi and Scott Lamb.

What was perhaps the most amazing thing about the conference was the sheer number of couples being launched out to plant churches, both nationally and internationally.

We encourage everyone to visit the Chandler Conference Livestream page and see for yourself! Here's the direct link.

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Until next time, Godspeed!

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