Episode 031 – Year in Review: 2017

Welcome back to the TheBLAST Podcast.

We do this to be a blessing to the Body of Christ: disciples, pastors and Christians everywhere; giving you the ammo you need to be a witness and perhaps to make those long, quiet drives more enjoyable.

Part I

For our 2017 Year-In-Review, we didn't want to discuss headlines or major news events. Instead, we chose to look at events that have shaped the body of Christ.

  1. The Donald Trump Presidency
    1. Highlights
      1. Court Appointments (Neil Gorsuch and others)
      2. Trump's Openness to Christianity
      3. Regulation Reform
      4. Why a good economy is good for the church
      5. Announcing that the Capital of Israel is Jerusalem and its prophetic implications.
    2. Lowlights
      1. His Lack of Discipline (i.e. - Twitter)
  2. The Charlottesville Riots
    1. Why the Riots are relevant to the body of Christ
    2. Christians need to address this controversy, too.
    3. The Gospel is the only answer to the hatred of racism.

    During the Break

    Our break song selection in this episode comes from Matthew West, and his song All In.

    Part II

    1. The horrific 2017 Hurricane Season and the amazing heroism it inspired.
    2. The recent epidemic of sexual harassment.
      1. The difference between Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken and Roy Moore
      2. We heard all kinds of allegations about President Trump, but why not Vice President Pence? Because he's got standards!
    3. Honorable Mentions
      1. 2017 was the year of the American Mass Shooting.
        1. There were over 300 of them!
      2. The North Korean threat.
      3. The Opioid Epidemic and the Media's relative silence about it.
        1. For more information, click the below video:


    1.  The Solar Eclipse
      1. The Meteoric Rise of Bitcoin
      2. The passing of Evangelist Dennis Wright, one of our Fellowship's longest-serving evangelists.
        1. Check Out the Memorial Service Here
    2. Finally - the Defeat of ISIS! 
      1. ISIS now has less than 1,000 fighters left.
      2. Just a year ago they were spreading like wildfire, slaughtering Christians and Yazidis by the thousands.
      3. Their defeat is a tremendous miracle and a great relief to Christians in the Middle East.  

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