Episode 035 – America's Forgotten Christian Heritage


Welcome back to the TheBLAST Podcast.

We do this to be a blessing to the Body of Christ: disciples, pastors and Christians everywhere; giving you the ammo you need to be a witness and perhaps to make those long, quiet drives more enjoyable.

We welcome you all back to this 35th episode where we are discussing America's Forgotten Christian Heritage. We hope you find something inspiring in this episode that will help you to appreciate the incredible land that God has given us. 

Part I

Pastor Adam recounts his recent attendance of David Barton's bi-annual Pastor's Briefing. It's an event designed to remind pastors of their place in American history and their part in educating another generation about the spiritual heritage in our nation. If you are interested in attending the next briefing in the fall, check it out here. These were some topics mentioned that you should really check out for yourself:

During the first break, we hear a great testimony from Missionary to Brazil, Pastor Sean Gunkel. Then a catchy tune by Switchfoot, Looking for America:


Part II

Pastor Adam continues recounting the stories of the historic paintings in the Rotunda of the US Capitol Building.

The discussion touched on these topics along the way:

Also some forgotten Founding Founders that are worthy of your attention:

Also we discussed the origins of the abolition movement that started in the year 1774, nearly eighty years before the Civil War broke out. Find out more here.

During the Second Break we hear a cool little song called, Promised Land by Steve Fee

Part III

In our famous third half, we discussed John Quincy Adams, and his mentorship to a young representative from Illinois that would go on to do a few good things. We also spoke about the connection between Revival and Revolution and a few other topics for you to check out:

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