Episode 036 – Immigration, Priorities, and Evangelism

Welcome back to the TheBLAST Podcast.

We do this to be a blessing to the Body of Christ: disciples, pastors and Christians everywhere; giving you the ammo you need to be a witness and perhaps to make those long, quiet drives more enjoyable.

In this episode, we start by taking a look at some of our recent numbers. Thank you so much to our 300+ listeners for all of your support!

Part I

The topic of this episode: Immigration Policy and the Importance of Priorities!

During the first break, we hear a book excerpt from Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow. This is an extremely helpful book that will help you to see the church in a new light and attract men to be leaders in your congregation.

Part II

Our second segment features a thought tool borrowed from our radio Rabbi, Daniel Lapin. If you have not yet listened to his podcast, you are definitely missing out. Take a listen here. This leads naturally to a discussion of the Hierarchy of Responsibility. Some of the scriptures mentioned here are 1 Timothy 5:8 and Luke 14:26. Pastor Adam and Dave take the time to lay out a generalized list of important things in life.

Part III

In our third half, we make the connection to evangelism. We discuss radical hospitality and the Christian worldview of bringing the lost into the Kingdom.

Thanks again for listening! 



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