Missions Trip to Eastern Europe

Missions Trip Report

The team from our church had five people in total and was very excited to have the opportunity to step out into the mission field. Our first destination was Chişinău, Moldova where Pastor John & Roxana Dumas have been building a powerful work for about 1.5 years. Our schedule was prayer, outreach and an evening concert for three days in a row- going into different parts of the city to see the harvest that God set before us. We were absolutely astonished at the response to the Gospel in this city. People were warm and responsive to the message of Christ each time we presented it to them through songs, testimonies and altar calls out on the street. Over three days of intense street meetings we were able to count at least 30 people that responded to the Gospel. Of those we saw about ten that actually made it into the church building for our evening concerts. It was so amazing to see God really transforming hearts on the streets of this capital city. What a powerful opportunity that stands before Pastor Dumas and his church.

Our next stop was an eight hour drive south and west to the capital of Romania, Bucharest. We only spent about 24 hours there, but it was a time packed with powerful ministry. We joined the church, pastored by Cristi & Bianca Caramidaru on their Saturday afternoon outreach in preparation for their weekly concert scene. Since it was Easter weekend, there were few people on the streets, but still enough for us to bring a witness to and the hope of Christ to lost souls. As the concert started, we were very encouraged to see ten visitors in attendance. As our team rapped and sang, God was touching the hearts of those visitors and by the time altar call came eight of them responded and came forward for prayer. We even saw three of them come out to the Easter morning service that followed the next day. Praise God for a wonderful outpouring of His Spirit!

Our final stop was in the city where my wife and I labored for 4.5 years in Ruse, Bulgaria. It was a great blessing to be able to help Pastor Ionut & Raluca Demsa since taking over the church only two months earlier. Immediately, we felt God's presence in the Easter Sunday evening service. We had great liberty to preach and minister to the saints in Ruse. Services were packed every day and we saw several backsliders coming back to attend revival services. We were led to even go into the local state hospital to pray for the sick. There we met three men with heart problems. One of them had had a transplant operation only thirty days before. He told us that he had pain in his chest. We proceeded to pray for him there in that old hospital room and when we were done, this same man told us that he believed God would help him to feel like a young man again very soon. What a powerful move of God! We also had permission on one day to hold a street concert near the town center. Hundreds of people heard the Gospel that afternoon and we saw at least three people come to the revival service that evening.

In total, our group was blessed to have prayed for salvation with nearly 40 people for salvation over the course of ten days. 

You may see photos and videos of these events on our church media page.

Thank you and God bless!

Adam DragoonComment