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New Sunday School Series – Training Tykes for Tomorrow

The job of parenting has always been a difficult one,

...but those who have lived in America for the last 40 years have watched it become even more so. Our children are faced with the influence of a declining morality, and as parents we are less confident than our predecessors in our knowledge of raising them. With the "experts" offering contradictory advice and the lack of a cohesive, biblical consensus within the Church, Christian parents have found themselves feeling helpless and frustrated with their children. For many of them, parenting has become such a source of frustration that they do everything within their power to prevent the conception of any more "problems." Their stress is so great that they count the days until their children are old enough to go to school or move out on their own. They look forward to summertime and holiday vacations, but dread the thought of being with their children all day long.

Those parents who are exasperated with their children are missing the blessing that God says children are to bring to their lives. They do not perceive children as a gift, but a curse. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way. When God calls children a "blessing," a "gift," and a "reward," He places each one in the womb with that potential. If our children are not a blessing to us, it is not because an alien tampered with their genetic code as they grew in the womb. It is, most likely, because we have not succeeded in some element of their training.

Considering the confusion of contemporary child rearing ideas and the sparse number of solid role models, it is no wonder that we have so many blind spots today. The tragedy is, many frustrated parents believe they are doing everything correctly and think they have no blind spots. But that is what a blind spot is – something you cannot see!

One thing is certain, any parents who disclaim responsibility for how their children are turning out, are depriving themselves of the potential they have to shape their children's character and future. –Excerpt from Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley

Join us for an exciting Adult Bible Study each Sunday morning at 10AM for the next eight weeks for an honest conversation about the biblical way to raise our children.