About This Blog

My Name is Alexis Blanchard

I was born on Oct. 11, 1997 in Norfolk, VA. My life has been a series of twists and turns from going through emotional abuse and harboring resentment towards people who have hurt me  to having strongholds of addiction and lust in my life. One of the key things that happened to me was that I was abandoned by my mother in a crack house when I was 6 weeks old. That experience left a whole in my heart and left me broken for a long time. I started to turn to smoking weed , drinking , and destroying myself as a result of my inner bitterness. 

I was content living for my flesh until September 21, 2013 when I was brought to the Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church of Virginia Beach. My life was forever changed and now I am serving God, withholding nothing. As I realized the events in my life and how I've been brought through the fires and the floods I'm constantly reminded of how God turns everything around for my good. And how my life, from then to now, has been covered by Jesus.... in Disguise.

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