Building the Kingdom

Over the last year, we have been laboring behind the scenes to acquire a new building for our church. Many many prayers have been prayed, many phone calls made, many conversations had, many minute decisions taken in the process of this whole thing coming together. I have been astounded over the last three weeks as the work has dramatically accelerated in the light of our February 24th Grand Opening services. All of our planning, prayers, phone calls and decisions of the last year have conglomerated in a relatively brief period of time as contractors build, paint, wire and install with meticulous fervency. It is extremely exciting to watch a dirty empty space transform into a well-designed and well-built church facility thy holds incredible promise for the people of God.

Now, while the prospect of a transformed building is a wonderful sight to behold, I have been reminded in my soul that that is NOTHING in comparison to the miraculous transformation of a human life wrought by the mighty hand of the Almighty. There is no doubt that the construction process is a breathtaking metamorphosis. What it is not though, is miraculous. Men can plan, men can design, men can build, paint, decorate, etc. Even the finest master builder cannot alter the spiritual condition of the heart. In fact, as I was touring the building during construction, I d encountered a man that was installing ceiling tiles. As we spoke, I understood that he had followed Christ in his youth but hadn't been to church in nearly a decade. He described the horror that comes as a result of living with out Godly influence. This builder desperately needed the Creator to reach down and build something in his own soul.

What about you? Do you still recognize the power of God to change people, lives, relationships and situations? Is your God still big enough to take a dusty, empty space without purpose and bring His holy design into it? Does He still have the permit to renovate your soul if needed? Wouldn't you grant him that authority today?

Laus Deo,

Pastor Adam Dragoon

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