Time for Self-Review

In the interest of better communication between shepherd and flock, and in the continued growth of the Kingdom of God, I heartily invite you to participate in our yearly pastoral meetings.

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to engage in a voluntary Annual Review of your experience here at The Potter’s House Church. This time of review will consist of three phases:

  1. Self-Review (February 15-28)
  2. Leader Review (March 1-15)
  3. Discussion and Goals. (March 16-31)

This year, I have decided to include an opportunity for you to submit a self-review; similar to what many employers would ask from their employees. This is a chance for you to reflect on your own spiritual life and disciplines over the last year. When I was in the corporate world, this was always a very helpful time to evaluate performance and set goals for the future. To help you with this I have provided a sheet of some relevant questions to help you spark your mind.

Download it here: PDF Format  |  DOC Format

When your self—review is completed, I ask you to submit it to me by email at pastor@vbph.org so we can get to phase two. I hope this will be a helpful time for us all!


Pastor Adam Dragoon

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