Making Giving Easier.. AGAIN!

To explain why we think this will be a helpful upgrade, please read the following blog from the company behind this technology:

Giving isn’t a transaction.

1. Generosity is a lifestyle. 

Traditionally, giving was done within the four physical walls of the church, but generosity and the church have never been limited to a building. Smart Giving is a system that matches this belief. You can give in church, during the service at home, at work, or literally anywhere else. Smart Giving frees us to think of our giving and our church as a part of our life, not just our Sunday. 

2. The focus is on the gift, not the technology.

Great technology should make you forget you’re even using it. Smart Giving technology does as little as possible to interrupt moments of worship. You don’t have to get out of your seat, you don’t have to pull out your wallet, and you don’t have to write anything down. You can complete your gift while focusing on what’s happening, in that second. Technology should never impede generosity. 

3. The relationship is between the Giver, God, and the Church. 

Tens of thousands of people use Kindrid’s services to give, however, most people never even hear of us. That’s the way it should be. Smart Giving is a brand built to respect the fundamental relationship between the giver, God, and the church. Not the giver and God, and the Church, and Kindrid. 

4. It’s a gift, not a transaction and not a donation. 

There is a difference between a gift and a transaction. And that difference should be visible throughout the whole giving process. Whether in the way thank you messages work, how a confirmation email is sent, or in the words we use. This all matters. When we make a gift, it shouldn’t feel like we just bought something with Paypal.

Check out the instructional video if you'd like to try out the new, secure giving format:

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